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Vegetarian in Vegas

There’s some great food in Vegas; unique restaurants and incredible ambience. For vegetarians and vegans the options are a bit underwhelming though. Compared to the abundance of steak and sushi stops, you have to make a bit more effort to find great vegan and vegetarian food.

ProTip: Skip the buffets. You pay a lot of money for a whole lotta’ nothing.  You probably can’t eat a majority of the selections.

{Vegetarian & Vegan-Friendly on the Strip}

Anything at the Wynn and Encore. Since Steve Wynn, who is vegan, has outfitted every restaurant with a vegan and vegetarian menu. And the dishes are gourmet and delish…in other words, you’re not just eating steamed veggies.

Wazuzu, chef Michel Chen brings tempting Japanese, Chinese, and Thai food into a whole new realm of possibilities for vegans and vegetarians along with gorgeous ambience to boot! (Reservations recommended)

FiAMMA Italian Kitchen at the MGM Grand. You can savor tasty pizzas and pastas.

Mizuya at Mandalay Bay – order perfectly packaged avocado rolls and melt-in-your-mouth tempura. (Reservations recommended)

SEA Thai at Bally’s – the ONLY Thai place I know of on the strip.

China Pobalano at the Cosmopolitan, is an eclectic blend of Mexican and Chinese yummy, small plates.

Gordon Ramsay Burger at the Planet Hollywood. We were there with a rather large group earlier this year so there was a pre-fixe menu. However, upon realizing there were a few vegetarians in the group, their staff quickly brought out delicious hummus, naan and veggies along with veggie burgers. The best was the milkshake for dessert. No kidding, the best milkshake I’ve ever had!

For reliable, quick and casual – Baja Fresh (Planet Hollywood).

In front of Wazuzu Restaurant at Encore, January 2017. Thanks Steve Wynn for raising consciousness about vegetarian and vegan diets!

{Off the Strip}


Go Vegan Cafe

Veggie House

Panevino (vegan and vegetarian pasta dishes)

Nacho Daddy

Cheffini’s – vegan hot dogs


Have fun in Vegas!!

Was this article helpful? Find more restaurants? Let me know and share in the comments! I love hearing from our readers!

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