Travel Earbuds for Petite Women or Anyone With REALLY Small Ears

I recently flew on KLM Airlines from San Francisco to Uganda. It was really cool that they offered passengers complimentary headphones. They were the blue ones you see below, with the bubble ears (I don’t know what they’re actually called).

KLM airlines earbuds are the blue ones on the left with the pom poms, that didn’t fit in my ears. I brought my own athletic earbuds that fit around my ears and are small enough for my small ears.

But they didn’t stay in my ears. Am I the only petite woman with this problem? I have very small ears and I’ve tried several pairs of these bubble earbuds and none – even the ones that come with the smaller cover for the bubble – stay in my ears.

Most earbuds don’t fit in my small ears like these that are ready to fall out.

I find I can only wear athletic earbuds that actually fit over and around my ears and have these mesh speakers (pink earbuds in the photo above). I like these athletic earbuds because you can use them for regular use as well as for working out. Even the athletic earbuds with the bubble speakers don’t fit me and don’t stay in.

I got these earbuds on Amazon for less than $10 and they’ve been perfect. They come with a speaker so you can use them for listening and talking. And the quality has been really good. They come in other colors besides pink. My first pair lasted about 1.5 years. That’s not that long, but since they only cost less than $10 and fit, I’m ok with buying a new pair every year and a half or so.

The reason I wrote this article is because when I searched for earbuds I found it hard to find information for people with really small ears. And even harder to find a product that would fit. I hope that other petite women and anyone with small ears will find this valuable and helpful!

It kinda sucks that these are not the new bluetooth technology as so many devices are going in that direction, like the new iPhones that are bluetooth compatible only. I’m not sure what to suggest for that but when I encounter that issue I will update this article.

My hope is that as bluetooth-only devices become more and more universal, the earbud manufacturers will diversify too. Plus as far as I know, airlines haven’t upgraded to bluetooth headsets yet, so for travel wired earbuds are your best bet.

I hope you found this article useful and unique. I try to address travel issues related to women travelers as well as vegan and vegetarian travelers – groups that are often overlooked in travel publications. If you did find this useful or helpful, please let me know by submitting your comments and questions!

Happy and safe travels. Keep adding those stamps to your PassportPages!

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