How to Choose a Safari Lodge: Rubric

When it comes to selecting where to stay for your African safari, there are a plethora of choices. All the info online got overwhelming as I waded through the many choices and their options. The one thing I couldn’t find was a guide, like this one, that broke down how to compare lodges and camps.

First I needed the criteria to evaluate on. Once you’ve filled out this rubric, you can  prioritize the criterion according to your tastes and preferences i.e. my husband and I are vegetarian so it was important to stay at a camp that could accommodate our dietary needs. That was more important to us than group size.

Linkwasha Camp, Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

The first time I went on safari, thirteen years ago, the camp had a large watering hole that attracted loads of animals, which I enjoyed observing while enjoying sundowners in the common area. This time around the watering hole was one of my top 3 most important criterion.


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