Ilala Lodge vegetarian dish

Vegetarian in Victoria Falls: Best Restaurants

The first time I visited Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe in 2004, and told people I am vegetarian, I received disconcerted, confused or exhausted, looks in return. And the food was often steamed vegetables. Ummm, last time I checked I wasn’t a rabbit.

Fast forward twelve years later and the food scene was like night and day. Most restaurants had at least 1 vegetarian option and no one gave me strange looks. What a difference! Before, I ate the same dish everyday at the same restaurant. This time around we discussed which restaurants and dishes to try.

Our favorite: Ilala Lodge
This upscale hotel had at least two vegetarian entree options every evening, plus at least one option for every other course. And these gourmet meals were delicious.

Photo from Ilala Lodge website
Photo from Ilala Lodge website
Photo from Ilala Lodge website

The Lookout Cafe
We enjoyed a delicious curried vegetable dish that they were kind enough to pack for us as we sat on a log and enjoyed inside the park, overlooking the Falls. We went back to have a drink and enjoy the views of the famous gorge, which are stunning. The day we went gorge swingers weren’t jumping but that would have been very fun to observe.

Me doing the Gorge swing in 2004
View from The Lookout Cafe

Shearwater Cafe
Their cool ambiance is great for a casual night out, or to watch a game. The warthogs that roam around freely are fun too! We enjoyed pizza and pasta at Shearwater and the bonus was that it’s right in Vic Falls town close to the hotels and backpackers – so really east to get to.

We didn’t go to the Victoria Falls Hotel nor the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge but they also had a few vegetarian options on their menus.


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