Whale Watching, Moss Landing, California

Moss Landing, is a haven for seeing humpback whales. It’s in the Monterey Canyon, the largest and deepest canyon off the Pacific Coast. To give you a sense, the Grand Canyon could fit inside the Monterey Canyon. Humpbacks can be throughout the year and my visit there two weeks ago was no exception.

We saw about 10 whales and even saw one breach, but I couldn’t capture a photo in-time.

We got lucky as we booked our tickets for the 3:30pm trip last minute. And we found a Groupon for Sea Goddess, which decreased the total from $90 to $60 for 2 adults.

The trip was two hours onboard a nice yacht with seats around the outer perimeter. The water is a bit rougher at that time of day compared to the morning trip but nothing unbearable. Nobody was getting seasick but if you weren’t sitting, you definitely had to hold onto the railing.

Only children under 5 were required to wear life vests.

In addition to whales we saw lots of sea otters and thousands of jellyfish. We had a brilliant time and will definitely be back again during the gray whale migration.

Definitely take your camera and if you have a DSLR, a zoom lens will be great!

What to Wear
The afternoon trip (3:30pm) gets really cold. I was SO glad I wore a pretty substantial jacket, and two layers underneath. I saw some people wearing scarfs and I also had my gloves and I’m really glad as my hands were getting cold as I held onto my DSLR to be ready to take photos.

Ladies and others with long hair, take a hair tie and wear sneakers – I don’t recommend flip flops as the boat can be slippery and it moves a lot. You might take a beanie or a hat that won’t go flying away in the wind.

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