Worth it to Visit the Brasil AND Argentinian sides of Iguacu Falls?

The answer is a resounding yes! As with many major waterfalls that are on the border of two counties, there’s a side with better views and there’s a side where you can get closer.

The Brasilian side offers stunning views and the Argentinian side is where you can get really close. I visited over two days and took my time as visiting Foz do Iguacu was the top attraction that drew me to Brasil.

Foz do Iguazu are one of the Earth’s largest waterfalls, comprised of 275 falls. On the Argentinian side you will see the Lower Circuit, Upper Circuit and go right up to the main fall, El Garganta Del Diablo (The Devil’s Throat), which is 262 feet (80m).

Brasil 254.jpg

If you can, I suggest doing the helicopter tour over the falls. As you get such a unique perspective at one of the world’s largest waterfalls.

You can take a boat to journey into the falls and the walkways will take you right up to El Garganta del Diablo (The Devil’s Throat). I highly recommend this. It’s fun and the falls and the speed of the water are truly a site to see.

El Garganta del Diablo
Brasil 304
Boat tour on the Argentinian side

Brasil 265.jpg

What to Wear
I was there in August, so it was hot and humid. The dry season is from May to November. During that time light, breathable, loose-fitting clothes are best. There’s a strong chance of getting wet on the Argentinian side from the spray and the boat tour so keep that in mind when you decide what to wear.

The pathways get slippery and wet from the spray, so something with a somewhat good tread is a good idea. I recommend Keens, Tevas, or sneakers. Flip flops, not so much.

Crossing the Border
It was simple and seamless. I didn’t need a visa for under 90 days as a tourist. I did need to remember to take my passport with me as they do check it at the border crossings. But check your visa requirements BEFORE you leave. Some countries may require you to get a double entry visa or have other requirements.

Brasil 350
The water flow on the Brasilian side was actually very low when I visited.

Protect your camera from water damage as the spray on the Argentinian side is enough to cause water damage. Read my other post about protecting your camera from water damage.

You’ll thank yourself for having a wide angle lens as well as a zoom lens on your visit.

Brasil 315
Having a zoom lens was great because I could capture the movement of the water.


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