Using Your DSLR in Humid Environments

After my experience in Vic Falls with my DSLR, I spent a lot of time to make sure I was prepared to protect my DSLR in Costa Rica.

The main issue to be aware of there is humidity. The drastic change in temperature between your hostel/hotel room and outside, causes condensation. Condensation leads to mold and that’s really hard to get out of the camera and causes a lot of damage.

However I was elated because the solution was simple and not costly. Every time I left my hotel or got out of an air conditioned car, I put my camera into a gallon size ziploc bag with 2 desicant packets inside, and left it in there for about 10 minutes. The idea is to give your camera a chance to acclimate to the outside temperature and avoid moisture seeping into the camera.

It worked like a charm! I didn’t have any desicant packets so I just ordered them on Amazon ($). I have a Canon Rebel and the camera body fit inside the ziploc with my zoom lens attached.

I packed several extra ziplocs and desicant packets which were superlight and small so they hardly took up space and I had the peace-of-mind of knowing that that would not be an issue throughout my trip.


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