Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas

Vegas for Adults Who Are Over Clubbing and Casinos

I grew up in SoCal so weekend trips to Vegas were frequent. My friends and I partied it up on Friday and Saturday nights and lounged at the hotel pool during the day. But after I graduated from college and then grad school, clubbing started to get old. And my friends and I have never been big on gambling.

If you’re a high roller, blinger, or have status at any Vegas casinos/resorts….this post is NOT for you.
For the rest of us, don’t worry! There’s still hope for us in Vegas!

  1. Shows – I’ve seen pretty much all of the Cirque du Soleil shows and many of the resident musicals. Most recently I went to see Michael Jackson ONE at Mandalay Bay. AMAZING!Exterior of Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas
  2. Pools – I build my hotel around cool pools. I love MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, and The Venetian in particular.
  3. New York New York has The Chocolate Bar, aka a woman’s haven.
  4. Dining – surprisingly, the Las Vegas strip hasn’t made a lot of progress in terms of great veg and vegan options. There’s no Indian nor Thai food at any of the mainstream hotels, but The Wynn and all Wynn-owned hotels are a paradise for vegans and vegetarians as Mr. Wynn himself is vegan. On my most recent visit we dined at Wazuzu and what a plentiful and delicious mix of choices they had for us! We also visited Gordon Ramsay’s Burgr restaurant and the staff specially made vegetarian apps for us. Their chocolate milkshake is seriously THE best milkshake I’ve EVER had! And I LOVE Cafe Gelato at the Bellagio.
    Girl smiling, holding a big chocolate milkshake
    Best chocolate milkshake ever!

    In front of Wazuzu Restaurant. Thanks Steve Wynn for raising consciousness about vegetarian and vegan diets!
  5. Wandering – Sometimes its fun to wander from hotel-to-hotel, people watch and window shop, especially at Christmas. There are even more lights (hard to imagine) and it’s absolutely beautiful!

    Enjoying the decor at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas
  6. Chocolate tasting – chocolate tastings and chocolate making are two separate things. You can do tastings at the Hexx store at Paris Las Vegas. When I went they’d just opened and to be completely honest, the experience was underwhelming. At previous chocolate tastings I’d been to, the leader educates you about the various beans, where they came from and how to taste chocolate. This wasn’t that. They basically gave us samples to try but we were seated in front of their plant (though it was non-operational the day we went).
  7. Grand Canyon Helicopter tour 

    Dam at Grand Canyon

  8. Wax statues creep me out, but there is a Madame Tussaud’s at the Venetian.
  9. Rides – I’ve never been on the rides in Vegas like the Stratosphere Tower rides, nor the carousel. I’d def do the carousel next time I’m there.

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