Girl in ocean surrounded by starfish

Photos from Starfish Beach, Panama

Starfish Beach or Playa Estrella is on the less exposed side of Isla Colón. It’s the perfect place to claim your own little section of paradise and have a picnic and enjoy the calm turquoise waters. The beach is shaped like a Bay and doesn’t catch any swell so the ocean is yours to frolic, wade, and relax in.

I loved all the Starfish but be warned DO NOT TOUCH! 1. it hurts them and 2. you can be left with some hefty fines. Tourists were picking up starfish to pose for photos and rangers came by handing out tickets.

If you’re visiting Bocas del Toro and have a chance to make it here, don’t skip it! It’s worth it! I flew to Bocas from Boquete. This was the last stop on my trip and from there flew back to Panama City. The Bocas airport is small and easily accessible. It was totally worth it to fly instead of drive, just for the time saving.

My visit to Panama was one of my solo trips and I felt completely safe. I stayed a little outside of Bocas town but it was super easy to walk or catch a cab. People are extremely nice and if knowing some Spanish goes far!

starfish at Playa Estrella in Panama, Isla Colon


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